– Versatile solution for soft materials

– Easy to use touch screen interface

– Fully welded sturdy construction for demanding applications

– Head (Air-cooled spindle for maximum efficiency)

– MPG (Precision motion control and adjustment)

– Table (Vacuum holding table zoned to work in specific quadrants)

The ability of ordering this model in various sizes makes it a versatile machine suitable for a wide range of industries.  The cutting area is dependent on the customers largest panel to process.  For sign writers this might be up to 4.1m x 2.1m, which can be easily accommodated in this model.  Processing soft materials such as PVC, acrylic, wood panels or aluminium composite panels makes it ideal for hobbyists to façade builders alike.  The employed CNC is simple and versatile enough for users of any proficiency to use.  It also employs comprehensive functions for more experienced users to utilise for advanced features.

Technical Specifications

1Excludes vacuum blower and dust silo.  Also dependant on spindle selected.

2 Values vary if required supply is 1~, 230V

3Depending on spindle selected

Further Reading

Additional Accessories

Tool change adapter


Dust collector + dust curtain

Vacuum material holding