– Probably the smallest footprint on the market

– Rugged laser-cut chassis construction

– Un-constrained tank

– Accessible 3 sides loading

– Delivery hopper (Variable abrasive flow for precise cutting control)

– Bridge (Stainless steel covers in high wear areas)

– Console (Portable console with touch screen interface)

The WJFB series waterjet is a great value machine for anyone looking at a high end cantilever style model.  This machine has the ability to cut through just about any material with precision.  Including glass, granite, ceramic, plastic, foam, mild steel, stainless steel, titanium, aluminium, copper, wood etc… The cantilever design allows for much easier material loading and unloading.  This design also offers smoother action on the axis with exclusion of moving parts.  All axis travel via precision balls screws on square linear rails.  All moving parts are covered and protected from splashing for longer lifespan.  The chassis is laser-cut and interlocked, then welded for strength, rigidity and accuracy.  With easy on-screen display wizards, icon-based touch screen and a built-in material database, the system could not be more user friendly.  An integrated material database system means that even un-familiar users can make good use of this machine.  Material and thickness are selected, whilst all the other parameters are determined by the CNC.

Technical Specifications

Further Reading

The WJFB series is equipped with a Hammelmann direct drive pump.  The advantages of this German engineered pump   are size, pressure control, extended time between service intervals and energy efficiency amongst others.  The direct drive system is particularly suited for varying pump pressure, such as when cutting brittle or very soft materials, where the pump pressure is required to ramp gradually or be controlled at a specific rate.  This is achieved in conjunction with the fully integrated Allen-Bradley inverter drive, attaining maximum control and efficiency to achieve higher production rates.

Additional Accessories

Accessories include;

Water level height adjustment during cutting to minimise cutting noise

40kW electrical motor for additional cutting power and using a 0.4mm orifice at 3800bar

Automatic garnet disposal system