– Suited for heavy metal industry

– Expandable to accommodate the largest of sheets

– High return on investment

– Bridge (Demanding requirements require a sturdy construction for round the clock manufacturing)

– Console (Fixed console eliminates additional hazards for busy shopfloors)

– Head (Fully sealed head increases the protection to sensitive components)

The result is a machine rich in technology and ability but easy to use and very simple to keep on the go.  While we do not have overly rigid dimensions and specifications for our machines, this gives the flexibility to customise design to the clients’ requirements.  Detailed explanation of what is stated in the previous section;




The core of machine is the gantry bridge, acting as the Y-axis and runs along the X-axis.  This is made from a sturdy steel rectangular hollow section having machined rail beds for the Y-axis.  Its length can be adjusted to accommodate the client’s requirements.  This is normally designed for a 2.5m span.  The Z-axis head also travels on the gantry via hardened circular rails. 


Water Tank


The complete water tank comprises of multiple tanks joined together.  This makes the whole system expandable according to the customer requirements.  Its construction is independent from the rest of the system as to avoid any distortion or misalignment of the rails due to heat generated during the cutting process.  The standard tank is designed to contain water to avoid any fume propagation, but this can be requested with an extraction system upon request.


Body Work / Covers


Continual plasma spattering is generally unforgiving on painted surfaces.  All steel coverings are powder coated to give it ultimate coating quality and long lasting protection.


Drive and Motors


The X-axis benefits from a motor on either side of the gantry to achieve high speed and accurate motion during cutting and traverse rapid motion.  These are coupled with a gear box to maximise torque and acute motion.




Jekran machines incorporate an industrial PC based CNC controller system, which is directly connected to the servo drives.  The operator controls the machine from the console panel attached to the gantry.  This is attached permanently as a mobile console would be impractical due to the dimensions of the machine.  The exceptionally user-friendly software is intuitive, and most operators can be well conversant in using the machine with a few days of training.


Fully Sealed Z-Axis


Form and function are built into the HEP series Z-Axis, keeping a small form factor, yet housing a fully sealed cutting head post.  The design ensures that contaminants ingress is minimized, thus eliminating the potential damage and shorter lifetime that these may induce.  The IMA Tecno 2 Axis +/- 50° bevel head gives the HEP the additional functionality to produce a multitude of applications.  This is optimised with Delta servo motors.  The head has a stroke of 150mm and encompasses a magnetic anti shock system.  This maintains the head in correct position during the cutting process.



Collision sensing


If the torch hits an obstacle whilst cutting this will dislocate itself from the rest of the head, triggering a sensor to stop all motion.  Once the obstacle is removed, head set back within its locating dowels and alarm cleared, the cutting sequence can be reset to a previous coordinate and cutting can resume along the intended path without further delay and necessity to set the home alignment sequence.

Technical Specifications

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