XM-W Series



-High end features as standard

-Extended duration between servicing

-Straight forward touch panel interface

-Head (Fully enclosed components for ultimate long life protection)

-Rails (Simple cleaning wipers and protected drive system)

Pump (3800bar at 100% duty cycle. Unmatched capability)

The X-MW is an entry level CNC waterjet table which is aimed for small job shop fabricators looking at investing in a machine which opens new doors of opportunities.  Such entities are typically equipped with plasma cutting CNC tables, limiting them to materials such as stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium.  The leap into exploring the endless possibilities of high-pressure cutting is monumental.  Cutting almost all materials under the sun, from ceramics to expanded polyurethane, from tool steel to carbon fibre composites.  The possibilities are endless.  Custom workmanship can reach a new level!  Even comparing steel cutting, waterjet abrasive cutting has the advantage over plasma cutting for the following characteristics;

No heat effected zone.

Less post processing of stainless steel, by avoiding cutting burn marks

Microstructure integrity in structural steel, no hardening or material tension

No dust, smoke or toxic fumes

Minimal kerf width with virtually burr-free edge

Technical Specifications

Parameters are indicative and are subject to change without notice.

1Supply voltage can vary according to customer requirements

2Current will vary according to supply voltage

Further Reading

Although this model has been designed to be at a lower price budget, the specifications have not been compromised.  In fact it includes several features that are normally available for high end machinery on the market or only available as expensive extras. In the X-MW these are available as standard, increasing the customer experience and possibilities.

Additional Accessories

Accessories include;

Water level height adjustment during cutting to minimise cutting noise

40kW electrical motor for additional cutting power and using a 0.4mm orifice at 3800bar

Automatic garnet disposal system