X-MP Series


-Entry level machine

-Material database

-Single piece pre-assembled machine

-Plasma and Oxy-fuel quick interchange

Head (Collision sensing breakaway torch)

Console (Space conscious system, console incorporates touch panel, electrics and plasma unit)

Chassis (Robust chassis design to withstand hours of cutting on end)

The X-MP is an entry level to mid-range CNC plasma table.  It fits perfectly for those intending to make their first step into the CNC machining world.  Sizes start from 4ft x 4ft making this suitable even for space restricted workshops.  Its low cost makes it affordable and a reachable financial target for accomplished and novice tradesmen alike.  If the initial purchase cost is still a limiting factor, Jekran can guide you to a fair repayment scheme giving everybody the opportunity to invest in prospective work opportunities.  Owing an X-MP will give you the flexibility of taking control of your own production especially when handling sensitive designs that it is necessary to maintain confidentiality of.  No more depending on other shops to get your work done, according to their lead time pricing and cut quality.

The X-MP is an extremely simple and straight forward machine to run.  It requires minimal ongoing maintenance and upkeep and is designed to work hours on-end.  The machine is delivered pre-assembled meaning that all operation and performance testing is carried out at the Jekran building facility.  Rapid and smooth motion is acquired thanks to the omega-drive system in the X and dual Y axis.

Technical Specifications

Further Reading

Jekran has been designing such machines since 2011, with continuous minor improvements and three major model developments along the way.  Through the years we have understood customer difficulties and enhanced both the hardware and software aspects to give our clients the latest cutting-edge technology and best value for money.  All this effort has resulted in the X-MP range, proving a high-quality design and build to all necessary European safety criteria.


Superb after-sales support and service is what keeps us on track.  This department works hand in hand with the R&D department to relay on-the-field issues and customer difficulties, completing the feedback loop, embedding knowledge in our products and technical knowhow.

Jekran has partnered with the best in the business, Hypertherm and Thermal Dynamics.  We are capable of integrating either system within the Powermax range and A-Series

Additional Accessories

Accessories include;

Oxy-fuel torch

Down-draft tank