About us.

Jekran Ltd. is a family run business based in Malta, Europe founded in 2011.  Ever since, it established itself as a leading designing and manufacturing company of CNC machinery.  Dedicating R&D resources in waterjet, plasma and router tables, it has developed a niche that specialises in these areas.  Covering a diverse range of technologies it caters to a varied audience, from entry level enthusiasts to high-end future-proof machines which are operated in the industry around the clock.


We take full advantage of our strategic geographic location.  Dispatch of machines to anywhere in the world is an everyday occurrence.  Located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea gives us the upper hand being able to supply distributers and end-clients based in the USA and Oceania alike and anywhere in between.  Since forming part of the European union in 2004, Malta’s market access and industry facilities have improved in such a way that our products can now compete on a higher playing field.  European level safety criteria are intrinsic in every machine design, passing several testing phases before each machine is approved for dispatch.


Utilising the latest in manufacturing technology our facilities are equipped with all the necessary capabilities to produce the majority of components in-house.  In addition, this gives Jekran Ltd. the flexibility to manufacture for production quantities or one-offs according to a specific design or modification.  By virtue of these facilities, after-sales headaches and mishaps are not an occurrence since stock is continually monitored and maintained to satisfy the components’ demand.