– Lubricated ball screw motion in all axis

– Dual servo motor in Y axis

– Fixed ball screws in X and Y axis

– Open bridge/sides (High quality components to maintain cutting edge accuracy)

– Bulk garnet hopper (Automatic feeding bulk hopper to avoid downtime)

– Head (Fully enclosed head protecting internal components)

The 3020G is a high-end waterjet cutting.  Incorporating the best technology normally anticipates high purchase cost.  Our strategy is to build an advanced and reliable machine whilst maximizing the client’s value.  To reach this target, our R&D team had to be innovative to develop quality through simplicity.  This has been designed on a modular system to accommodate varied cutting area requirements.

Technical Specifications

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Additional Accessories

Water level height adjustment during cutting to minimise cutting noise

40kW electrical motor for additional cutting power and using a 0.4mm orifice at 3800bar

Automatic garnet disposal system